Friday, May 14, 2010

Im just gonna lay it all out for you guys

Hello my friends take a seat and grab some popcorn and a soda i have a story so the night after i made my previous post my brother had an Asama attack and we had to go to the hospital ect ect turns out he has asama so we had to fix all of that and that took about a week then ive been busy very very busy so my insane teacher loads up my backpack and this was basicly my routine wake up go to school go to a practice come home do homework eat go to bed. for a while I hope that as summer closes in and my schduel clears up i can come back to playing a game i enjoy with other people that also enjoy this game and i have a beckett giveaway not the current one but the previous it the beckett one not the pokemon so shoot me an email or leave a comment here and you will be entered contest ends may 25 winner will be randomly drawn

till next time


  1. Sorry about your little brother Blake. At least you know how to best help him now! I know how busy it gets the last few weeks before school is out, but you will get a break soon :) See you in the spiral!

  2. Cool I wanna win xD

  3. Malorn Willowsmith

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